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To make a reservation, select any doll from our privat –> select a date –> in the next step select “Cosplay” –> Schoolgirl

Sex with a schoolgirl. An experience that many men secretly dream of. You can now enjoy this erotic adventure with everything, within the law and completely safely. Our girls in a sexy innocent schoolgirl outfit with an extra short skirt are ready to fulfill your assigned tasks and any sexual wishes you may have. Just choose one of them and give way to all secret “naughty” fantasies. We wonder what grade our obedient sexy schoolgirls will get from you.

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I have time and I'm waiting for you in a discreet private room at Pecháčkova 1244/5, Prague 5

The price of the cosplay is 500 CZK
+ renting a doll.

Over the phone:

+420 721 634 362

Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00


Hygiene and safety is our top priority.  How we clean the sex dolls.


Everything is done in complete discretion. From the booking to the experience itself.


We will be happy to dress your sex doll in one of our premium outfits.

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Sex dolls created just for you can be purchased – we have more than 1000 beauties available.

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It’s Friday afternoon. Once again, you have filled out a rather annoying duty for teachers – schoolchildren. You definitely had better plans for the afternoon. You are sitting in your science teacher’s room waiting to see if anyone comes. There is a knock and one of the schoolgirls you don’t know walks in unbidden. The first thing that comes to your mind is whether it is not a crime to wear such a short skirt to school. But her legs are top notch.

She sits down at the table by the window, opens a book and pays no attention to you. At least you can have a good look at it. Long slender legs, firm tits fit in the hand, innocent face, soft skin. You feel yourself begin to stiffen in your crotch under the weight of your shameless imaginings. You open the window and let some cool air in.

The schoolgirl looks at you, her gaze goes down to your crotch, which speaks for itself. She turns in her chair towards you, revealing her youthful cleavage button by button. You stand in front of her, breathing rapidly. She slowly moves her knees apart and runs her hand under her short skirt.

A gust of wind blows in through the window, the light fabric lifts and you see her lap in all its glory. She goes over her labia with her fingers.

“Wouldn’t it be better to lock the door?” she asks in an innocent voice and as soon as you do, she takes your hand and directs it to where all your thoughts have been going for the past few minutes…

To make a reservation, select any doll from the privat –> select a date –> in the next step select “Cosplay” –> Schoolgirl


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You can find the current list of our sex dolls in the sex dolls section. We offer diferent sizes of the sex dolls including mini sex dolls. In addition, you can dress each of them in several suitable costumes.


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Reservations for private sex in Prague 5 can be made online or by calling +420 721 634 362. Everything is completely discreet.

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Everything will be taken care of

We will prepare a sex doll for your visit in a stylish Prague private. In summer, you can expect a nice cooled temperature. Part of every visit is completely clean sex dolls and rooms. After each reservation, we disinfect the rooms with UV light and ozone disinfection.

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Use your imagination. What happens behind closed doors stays behind the doors.

You often ask us about sex dolls

Cleanliness come first. Each client has several condoms and a new lubricating gel. Both must be used.

Yes, couples come to us very often and are welcome.

At the moment we have 2 rooms available in Naughty Harbor, so you can come with a friend.

Before bringing you into the room, we will ask you for a refundable deposit of EUR 40. It only serves in case you don’t treat our girls nicely and significantly damage them. But you have nothing to fear, it has never happened to us before.

You can find us at Pecháčkova 1244/7 in Prague 5. However, because discretion is one of our main priorities, the company is not well marked. You can recognize it by the white glass door with the small sign Naughty Harbor.

If you want to visit us, just make a reservation. This can be easily created online on our website or you can call us and make an appointment by phone at +420 721 634 362.

Of course. This is a very original gift that the birthday boy will not forget :).

We would like that, but unfortunately, Rebecca is not a robot yet. But we are working on it :).

The apartment is located in the basement of the building, so there is a natural coolness in summer. Therefore, air conditioning is not necessary.

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Pecháčkova 1244/7, Praha 5

To maintain the utmost discretion, it is necessary to make a reservation in our Prague bordelle Naughty Harbor at least 45 minutes before your visit. Reservations can be made either by phone or via our online booking form. A deposit of EUR 40 in cash must be made before each reservation. The fee is refundable at the end of the reservation.

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

+420 721 634 362

[email protected]



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