Try our new Sibryne in the private! The ultra realistic sex doll!!

Hygiene of sex dolls

Cleanliness is the foundation of Naughty Harbor. Therefore, before each visit, all sex dolls and other sex toys are cleaned and disinfected. The whole procedure is very thorough. We have newly introduced UV and ozone disinfection of both sex dolls and rooms after each reservation.

Cleaning the love holes

Using an enema, we rinse all holes several times with water and disinfectant fluid. We repeat the whole process until everything is super clean.

Cleaning the surface of the sex doll

We proceed in the same way with the entire surface – we wash the sex doll thoroughly several times with water and disinfectant liquid. These tasks are essential, so we do them pretty carefully. To be completely safe, we use UV disinfectant radiation on the entire surface of the sex doll.


We manually dry the sex doll and let it dry.


By powdering, silicone gets an even more realistic structure to the eye and touch. The powder also contains disinfectant ingredients, so it also helps with 100% hygienic cleanliness.


The scents deepen the intensity of the experience. That’s why we always smell the sex doll with quality perfume.

Dressing up

Almost done, it just wants stylish clothes.

Tip: you can dress a sexy dolls in a premium outfit such as a secretary, schoolgirl, or fitness.

Room preparation

The last thing to do is change all the bed linen and overall room cleaning. We are also disinfecting the entire room with UV light and ozone disinfection.

These beauties are waiting for you in Naughty Harbor: