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Virtual reality and sex doll

A unique sexual experience combining extremely realistic silicone sex dolls together with virtual reality. All thanks to a modern wireless virtual reality headset. Come and enjoy the company of your favorite porn actress and let yourself be drawn into the world of virtual sex reality, a world where you can do anything.

What is Naughty Harbor virtual reality?

A unique experience combining an extremely realistic sex doll with an immersive virtual reality environment. All thanks to a lightweight and wireless high-definition device. Come and enjoy the company of your favourite porn actress in person and let your imagination run wild.

What to Expect from Naughty Harbor?

Imagine the most beautiful girl whispering obscenities in your ear. She’s seducing you. Undressing. You’re touching her, feeling her skin and her excitement. You give in and get swept up in the thrill of the experience. And we have many other scenarios. Virtual reality at Naughty Harbor delivers a tantalizingly immersive visual experience as well as physical sex.

How does virtual reality work?

Sex privát a sex doll Yasmine

All you have to do is come

We will prepare a hygienically clean real doll and VR set for your room.

virtuální relaxace naughtyharbor s masturnátorem

Pick a video

Everyone is different. It's up to you which video you choose.

pokoj privát Naughty Harbor

Unleash your fantasy

The rest is up to you. With a sex doll you can give maximum room for imagination.

How much does virtual reality cost?


Délka Cena
30 minutes EUR 70
60 minutes EUR 90
120 minutes EUR 130
Sex doll Rebecca v privátu


Pecháčkova 1244/7, Praha 5

To maintain the utmost discretion, it is necessary to make a reservation in our Prague bordelle Naughty Harbor at least 45 minutes before your visit. Reservations can be made either by phone or via our online booking form. A deposit of EUR 40 in cash must be made before each reservation. The fee is refundable at the end of the reservation.

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

+420 721 634 362

[email protected]



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