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Gift vouchers

Give a unique erotic experience.  Give the gift of company to a gorgeous silicone beauty.  Did you get a gift voucher for sex with a sex doll? Apply it


Order a voucher

    [radio_custom radio_custom-800 id:price-0 class:price-input default:0 use_label_element "Klasický zážitek | Classic experience" ]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-800 id:price-0 class:price-input default:0 use_label_element "Švédská trojka | Swedish threesome"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-800 id:price-0 class:price-input default:0 use_label_element "Virtuální relaxace | Virtual relaxation"]


    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-75 class:price-input use_label_element "75 | 75,- EUR - 30 minutes"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-95 class:price-input use_label_element "95 | 95,- EUR - 1 hour"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-140 class:price-input use_label_element "140 | 140 ,- EUR - 2 hours"]

    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-115 class:price-input use_label_element "115 | 115,- EUR - 30 minutes"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-155 class:price-input use_label_element "155 | 155,- EUR - 1 hour"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-205 class:price-input use_label_element "205 | 205,- EUR - 2 hours"]

    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-50 class:price-input use_label_element "50 | 50,- EUR - 30 minutes"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-70 class:price-input use_label_element "70 | 70,- EUR - 1 hour"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-79 id:price-105 class:price-input use_label_element "105 | 105,- EUR - 2 hours"]

    Premium outfit

    [radio_custom radio_custom-790 id:price-0 class:price-input use_label_element "0 | Without a premium outfit"]
    [radio_custom radio_custom-790 id:price-20 class:price-input use_label_element "20| With premium outfit (+20 EUR)"]

    Number of vouchers

    E-mail: (is used to send a voucher and additional information and a request for payment)

    Total price: 0 EUR

    Total price: 1 500 EUR

    Order a gift voucher

    How to order a voucher

    • Ordering a sex gift voucher is simple, fast and completely discreet
    • Just fill out the form and follow the instructions in the email
    • Immediately after payment we send a gift voucher valid for 12 months
    • The voucher for a sexual experience includes the rental of a private room in Prague 5, a real sex doll of the customer’s choice, several packs of condoms and a brand new lubricating gel
    • The date and time of the visit as well as the specific silicone doll is chosen by the recipient

    How to redeem a gift voucher?

    Select a date and a sex doll

    In the Naughty Harbor booking form, the date, time and the beauty you have chosen.

    Write the promo code

    Enter the code from the gift voucher.

    Sex privát a sex doll Yasmine


    Now you can come to enjoy your gift.